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Sugar Fueled Comic 3 Restoring Imagination By Michael Banks and Sarah Banks Children's Comic


This will be the last in the Sugar Fueled comic titled "Restoring Imagination". This is the follow up comic to "Saving The Dreams". In this adventure the Evil Villain What's-His-Face comes to the land of Reality and tries to take the kids imaginations. See what Candy and Coal do in the final showdown. This kid friendly, colorful, candy coated rhyming comic. Get your first edition copy here. It's standard comic book size 6 3/4" x 10 3/8". Free shipping within the continental United States, Canada and International shipping quote listed. Payment required within 3 days. Please take a minute to look through my store for other original oil paintings, big eye prints, comics, shirts, toys, buttons, stickers and necklaces.

Sugar Fueled / Michael Banks is a freelance artist from Orlando, FL who specializes in pop surrealism, lowbrow oil paintings and comics filled with cute, big eyed characters and animals in colorful, candy filled scenes. Michael planted his roots as an artist over 20 years ago selling tattoo flash around the world and has since ventured in tattoos, clothing, music, street art, stencil pop art, sketch cards, children's stories and comics that have led him to the sweet world that he resides and paints in today. Michael's art has taken on adventures in every major city across the United States, traveling to hundreds of comic cons / conventions and art galleries from coast to coast. Michael along with his wife/manager Sarah Banks run Sugar Fueled clothing. A line based on Michael's art and his trademark broken star that represents perseverance set with the goal of making the world a sweeter and happier place.

Copyright © Michael Banks (Sugar Fueled). Buyer is not purchasing the rights to the image. All rights reserved by artist.

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